She wasn’t where she was going. She wasn’t where she started. But she was on her way. ~ Jodi Hess ~ She regained her life, and so can YOU.

The HAVEN Place LLC provides outpatient trauma-informed therapy for couples, families, and individuals. I’ve helped several thousand people, just like this woman, in their journey to transform their lives, and I can help you.

I focus on what’s happened to you versus what’s wrong with you. Some of the common complaints I hear from my clients include:

– I feel stuck in my relationship, we don’t have intimacy, we don’t have honest communication, it’s like we’re roommates, I’ve lost trust and respect for my partner.
– I feel like I’m a bad parent, I get angry at my kids when they don’t listen or obey, and I don’t know what to do differently.
– I feel stressed, confused, my mind races all the time, I can’t sit still, I can’t focus or concentrate, and I worry constantly.
– I have mood swings, anger problems, nightmares, can’t sleep, have panic attacks, and I’ve lost interest in my friends and fun.
– I feel numb, alone, hate myself, and I’ve lost any sense of purpose or meaning in my life.
– I’ve been to rehab, therapy, tried psychiatric meds, tried everything, but nothing seems to work.
– My problems are affecting my relationship, my family, my kids, and my work – at times I feel like I’m a failure and I’ve lost control of my life.

Any of these sound familiar?

While these may sound or feel like mental illnesses chances are they’re not. These and other problems are often symptoms or reactions to what’s happened to us – stress, relationship problems, parenting, grief and loss, anger, physical and emotional pain, domestic violence, emotional and physical neglect or abuse, sexual abuse, etc. – either recently or at some point in our past. Problems like these can affect relationships & family, work & education, leisure & recreation, personal growth & health. And these problems often impact eight aspects of who and what we are – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, biological, sexual, psychological, social.

The good news is all of these are fixable. There is light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope for the future. Many of my clients have had significant improvement, up to 30-points compared to their pre-treatment scores, in as little as 10 sessions with me. I help people move to a rich and full life with a renewed sense of joy, inner peace, calmness, self-control, purpose, and meaning.

Thank you for all you are doing for me, on and off the table. It means a lot to me. Kelly S. [former client]

Thank you Ray for everything. You have helped me so much. Billie G. [former client]

Have some questions or want some help? Send me an email asking for a free consultation. Include your availability in the coming week and I’ll respond within 24-hours with a day and time that works for both of us.