Having relationship problems? Past trauma or other things that have happened to you affecting your life now? Can’t relax, your mind always races, memories keep intruding and affect your work, school, family, or social life? Been searching yet never quite achieving your goals or having your needs met? Tried a variety of ways to fix it but nothing really worked? These are problems I can help you with.  

I focus on what’s happened to you vs. what’s wrong with you in two primary areas: relationships – with couples, families, and individuals – and PTSD/trauma. None of us have all the tools we need to build and then maintain a mutually supportive relationship. Our past can and does intrude, changes do happen, and both can lead to problems affecting multiple aspects of our lives. I’ve helped several thousand people regain their lives, just like this woman, and I can help you as well.

Couples I work with are often struggling with a lack of emotional and physical intimacy. They’ve lost respect and trust for each other, have little companionship, and complain of poor boundaries and poor communication. And they often have frequent arguments about finances, sex, children, social media, etc. Sound familiar?

I help couples open up and communicate to each other, rebuild mutual respect, trust, and honesty, understand what’s not working in their relationship and why, help them come up with mutual solutions for their problems, and re-experience friendship and simple joy in just being with each other.

PTSD and other past traumas, accompanied by grief, are all too often underlying and untreated causes of relationship, work, school, and health problems. Many people have ongoing struggles with mental health and substance use. They feel guilty, ashamed, stressed out, damaged, alone, confused, emotionally numb, can’t sleep or concentrate, can’t trust, have racing thoughts, have mood swings and anger issues, worry constantly. Alcohol or other substances may have helped to a point, but probably caused other difficulties. They ‘ve tried psych meds, therapy, substance rehab but nothing has really worked. They want their lives back but feel lost and out of control.

I provide outpatient therapy to help my clients identify and address those underlying causes, work with them on eight aspects of wellness (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, biological, sexual, psychological, social), help them restore emotional and physical balance. I help people live proactively according to their own values, needs, and expectations, express their emotions openly and honestly, set and maintain safe boundaries, and in the process help them rebuild and strengthen their relationships, regain their lives, and experience a renewed sense of joy, inner peace, calmness, self-control, purpose, and meaning.

What sets me apart from others? I have unique experience, training, and skills that others simply don’t have, and I constantly add to my knowledge and skills.

What do I do differently than others? First, I don’t focus on mental disorders. I focus on what’s happened to people, not what’s wrong with them. I don’t focus solely on talk therapy, the mind. I work with the body and spirit as well and I focus on your physical, safety, and relational needs. I also consider and help my clients explore other possible causes. I get feedback each session from my clients about how they’ve done over the past week, as well as how they think I’m helping them in each session, and we track and work those results together. The therapy I do is structured and we stay focused on your initial problems. While we work together on new problems as they arise we also stay focused on those primary problem areas.

The majority of those I’ve worked with over the years – couples and individuals – have had significant improvement. Many of my clients improved 30-points or more compared to their pre-therapy scores in as few as 10 sessions.

Thank you for all you are doing for me, on and off the table. It means a lot to me. Kelly S. [former client]

Thank you Ray for everything. You have helped me so much. Billie G. [former client]

Have some questions or want some help? Send me an email asking for a free consultation. Include your availability in the coming week and I’ll respond within 24-hours with a day and time that works for both of us.