Relationships are the threads
that stitch together our lives.

If we can’t sleep at night because of worry about the past or future, problems with guilt, with shame, thoughts in general, etc., then our temper may be frayed the next day. So, who do we ‘take it out on’? Our family first… and then maybe even our co-workers.

If we worry about our relationships, then it’s almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy: We have frequent arguments with our spouses over things like finances, sex, children, social media, etc.

We also might not respond to our extended family in positive ways when there is a gathering.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other traumas may be the result of terrifying event[s] you have experienced… grief may be eating at you each day. These issues can also destroy any hope of healthy relationships.

Overwhelming memories get
in the way of everything!

Can’t relax?

Mind always racing?

Problems keep intruding?

Those memories affect family, work, and your social life.

It might have been a big ‘T’ Trauma from your childhood or a more recent trauma like a car accident. It might just be a little ‘T’ trauma that you thought was ‘handled’ like a break-up with your fiance.

Tried various ways of ‘fixing’ or ‘coping,’ but IT keeps rearing its head and interfering with the feeling of success in all areas of your life?

BELIEVE! It is all ‘fixable.’

In therapy, we teach our clients skills that last a lifetime – emotional intimacy, vulnerability and regulation, boundaries, communication and relationship skills, mindfulness and awareness, self-trust, self-esteem, and more! 

We help people dealing with PTSD/grief to resolve and reintegrate past trauma/PSTD. These underlying and often untreated causes impact your relationships, work, and health. They can also result in ongoing struggles with mental health and substance use.

Couples come to us grappling with poor communication, poor emotional and physical intimacy, feeling disconnected and not heard, and they learn to rebuild respect, trust, honesty, and companionship. We help couples to reconnect with each other, communicate more clearly and effectively, to understand what’s not working in their relationship and why, and to find mutual long-term solutions to their problems.

WE ready to walk with you to a better place of peace and optimism. Call US at (850) 684-3059, email, or complete the contact form below. We’ll talk for 15 to 30 minutes in a free consultation and decide what steps can be taken.

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What sets me apart?

Ray Sizemore

More About Me

Hi, I’m Ray Sizemore.

I want to help you find a better place emotionally to open your heart to healthy relationships in all areas of your life. I concentrate on what’s happened to you – the underlying causes – versus what’s wrong with you, and focus on relationship problems and trauma – with individuals, couples, and families.

Your successful movement to the path of wellness – with yourself and in relationships – is my primary goal for you. The most important part of my work is to help you find your sense of joy, inner peace, calmness, and self-control.

We will work together to discover and define a sense of purpose and meaning in your life that you thought was impossible to ever have.

Many of my clients improve 30 points or more from a pre-therapy baseline in 10 sessions or so, no longer meet criteria for PTSD or trauma, regain their valued relationships, and enjoy their lives again. This could be you as well.

Want to experience this success? Give me a call at (850) 684-3059 or send me
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