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Do You Love Cats?

Cats have been enormously popular pets for centuries. The ancient Egyptians revered some cats as gods and even mummified them. They’re soft and cuddly, have distinct personalities, and can be useful. They love to hunt and kill mice, rats, birds, and other pests and have been used for that purpose for hundreds of years. I’ve … read more

Don’t sweat the small stuff

  I have a clear glass jar in my office. It contains a selection of rocks and a few marbles, and the jar is full. However, the jar and its contents are more than they seem. They represent a full life – perhaps your life. I often encourage clients or visitors to pick it up, … read more

How do you come across to others?

Is your communication style passive, aggressive, or assertive? Is there a difference? Does it really matter? It can matter a great deal in terms of your own happiness and for the happiness of those around you. We humans are fundamentally interdependent and social creatures. We do better when we’re involved socially and there are three … read more

We all have senses … Don’t we?

How many senses do we have? We’ve all heard of the five senses – touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell. Did you know that you have more? Proprioception is one. It’s the sense of the relative parts and positions of our bodies. Close your eyes and then touch your nose with your forefinger. Success? That’s … read more

Four Key Questions

Want to keep yourself safer and healthy? We all do … and here’s one very effective way. Always ask the following four key questions whenever you’re offered help by the medical or mental health fields. What are the benefits of this medication or procedure, how will it help me? What are the side effects or … read more

Attitude Is Everything

Why are you unhappy? Believe it or not, we are generally the ones who make ourselves unhappy. Some folks will stop reading right here. Press on. There is some pretty good stuff in this piece. I promise. We do it to ourselves, make ourselves unhappy, and follow that with a fair measure of denial, e.g., … read more

I Want Self-Esteem … And I Want It Now!

I Want Self-Esteem … and I Want It Now! We have to have good self-esteem in order to be happy, don’t we? If we don’t like the person we see in the mirror we’re sunk. So how do we go about getting self-esteem, especially when we’re face down in the mud of life? I can … read more

Two Miracles of Modern Life – Artificial Sweeteners and Aromas

I’m going to give you some causal factors for mental problems that may bother or upset you. Ever here of aspartame, one of the first miracle sweeteners? I know more than a few folks who simply love diet soda. Tastes great, no sugar, and it’s better for you than high fructose soda like my personal … read more