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Change is the only constant in life.

Quick! What’s the one and only constant in life? If someone tells you death and taxes don’t believe them. I don’t have to work, don’t have to have an income, and no income means no taxes. Makes life hard but it’s a truism. If push comes to shove I can always get 3 hots and … read more

Reconciliation – the 5th of 6 stages of relationships

I’ve talked about four stages in relationships so far – romantic love, adjusting to reality, the power struggle, and re-evaluation. These stages are not necessarily linear or an A-B-C type progression. It is possible to experience different aspects of these stages at the same time and its common to go back and forth between stages. … read more

Put down your shovel! Banish the ANTs!

We all have negative thoughts about ourselves at times – I’m too fat, too lazy, too old, a failure, ugly, unlucky, etc. We often compare ourselves to others and always come up short. We humans tend to search for and buy into those negatives – our own and other people’s. That never-ending search is always … read more

Why do people have affairs?

Why do people have affairs? There are reasons, conscious and unconscious, for affairs. Affairs are quite often the last step in an ongoing process. In other words, affairs generally don’t suddenly happen out of thin air. Literature shows at least 24 reasons people have given for affairs and at least 23 different kinds of affairs. … read more

Want 5 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Stresss Load?

#1. Cultivate a positive attitude. Happiness is an attitude and we can all make choices about our own happiness. William Shakespeare once wrote, “Nothing is either bad or good, but thinking makes it so.” That’s attitude. We really do choose whether we will have a good or bad attitude. The more we focus on the … read more

Who Let the dogs out?

“Who let the dogs out” is still a catchy jingle, at least to me. It also speaks volumes about boundary violations that occur with an affair of any kind. One person has opened the doors and windows of a relationship, and the other person often doesn’t have a clue. What really hurts about an affair? … read more

Relaxing is easy. Yeah, right.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was simply relax. It’s happened to me three times. Three months after I retired from the US Air Force my wife told me I was busier than before I retired. I had filled that void, my change in role, with other responsibilities. That wasn’t necessarily … read more