Reactions, reactions – We all have reactions

We can have a bewildering array of reactions – behavioral, physical/biological, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual, psychological, relational, and social. Many reactions resemble psychiatric disorders but they’re not. Ever felt stressed? We all have. Stress is the #1 reason people see their primary care doctor. Stress can result in reactions in all these areas and be… Read More

The Four Key Questions

Want to keep yourself safer? Always ask the following four key questions whenever you’re offered help by the medical or mental health fields. What are the benefits of this medication or procedure, how will it help me? What are the side effects or negatives that could happen with this medication or procedure, how could it… Read More

Attitude is Everything

Are you unhappy? Believe it or not, we are generally the ones who make ourselves unhappy. Some folks will stop reading right here. Press on. There is some pretty good stuff in this piece. I promise. We do it to ourselves, make ourselves unhappy, and follow that with a fair measure of denial, e.g., I’m… Read More

Happiness is always your choice

Oh, the myths about happiness! Many people struggle with several myths about happiness. Some feel happiness is the natural state for all human beings. They compare themselves negatively to other people who are obviously (at least to those making the comparison) happy. Every person is unique. Everyone has worries, hurts, concerns. All of us go… Read More

Making A New Normal

We suffer losses throughout our lives – and it’s not just deaths of loved ones. It’s a loss of dreams – what we’ve never had or never will have, loss of roles, of careers, of physical capability, of innocence, of hope, of control over our lives. We grieve over pets, possessions, stuffed toys, being fired… Read More