Emotions & Emotional Intimacy

Sadness? Grief? Shame? Disgust? Guilt? Fear? Worry? Abandonment? Humiliation? Inadequacy? Failure?

Admit it. You’re human. You’ve felt the sting of one or more – or maybe all – of these. 

But it’s okay.

We all have emotions AND the problems that go along with them.

Then why am I so MAD?

Often, anger initially rears its ugly head when we’re stressed, feel the emotions above, get pushed too far. It’s typically a defensive response. 

But why??? 

Simple. In our society, it’s okay for guys to show anger.

But it’s not cool for guys to admit to sadness, hurt, embarrassment, or many other emotions. Oh, no. Those are a sign of weakness.

Likewise, it’s not cool for women to show anger.

It’s a huge and unfair double standard; but in both cases, men and women push down their emotions and negative thoughts.

And why is that so BAD?

The more we suppress and accumulate negative emotions and thoughts, the more emotional and physical problems we develop.

Our bodies react and may break. And all those things we’ve held in come pouring out in unpleasant – and potentially dangerous – ways.

We know about headaches, poor digestion, and high blood pressure. But there are also possibilities of frequent illness, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, or depression.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these, it’s time to take control.

Or maybe it’s something you’re missing, instead.

Feeling more distant from your partner as you miss that closeness? Needing the supportive shoulder, and it isn’t there?

Couples often complain of little emotional intimacy for several reasons. Wouldn’t you love to get it back?

But how?

You can’t be emotionally intimate with others if you aren’t intimately familiar and comfortable with your own emotions AND allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable with yourself.

The way we get healthier is by getting better at feeling. That’s Step 1. Big step, scary, yet definitely doable. 

We’ll identify your emotional triggers – your hot buttons. This helps put you in control of your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you.

We’ll discover and enhance your emotional intelligence.

We’ll improve your internal emotional intimacy and regulation as well as learn to establish and maintain safe and appropriate boundaries. 

You’ll learn and practice how to express yourself more appropriately and effectively. Now we’re deep into Step 2 – being emotionally vulnerable with yourself and others close to you. 

You’ll learn how to recognize, understand and practice how to avoid responding to triggers.

You’ll enjoy more satisfying social, work, and intimate relationships.

By the time we finish, YOU will be more able to feel and be in control of your emotions. 

In short, you’ll transform yourself – and your life!

What are you waiting for?

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