The very word can be frightening.

Change. What can I change? Do I have to change? What does change involve? How will change affect me? Will I have control over change or will change control me? Do I really want to change, or would it be better to stay where I am physically and emotionally? These are just some of the questions my clients ask themselves, and I’ve asked myself.

While the prospect of change is frightening we realistically can’t avoid it. Change is actually the only constant in life. We adapt continuously and unconsciously to changes in our life. I feel cold and put on more clothes, feel warm and take off a layer or two. I feel thirsty and drink, feel hungry and eat. I respond unconsciously to signals from my body. These unconscious changes are easy, they’re automatic. But what about other changes, how easy are those to plan for and adjust to? Can I even plan for change?

How many major changes have you experienced in life?
We’ve all experienced quite a few changes or transitions in our lives. Our first day at school, the shift from middle school to high school, from high school to college, moving away from our parents, the first job we held and left and then another and another, marriage, kids, and more. We get used to these changes. They can become easier and easier. But not all these changes are easy and some never do.

The end of a relationship. The death of a loved one. A major change in our own body or loss of ability. These aren’t easy. They can take weeks or months to get past and perhaps we never do. We can stay stuck in emotional pain, never figure out how to get past it, and now we have a problem that’s affecting our work life, our social life, and our intimate relationships.

Is it possible to work past this emotional pain? You may have tried every way you can think of on your own, had some success, but still feel hurt, damaged, hopeless, and even more frustrated. That frustration is a signal to make yet another frightening change, perhaps to reach out for some help and advice.

And that’s where I come in. I help people make changes inn their lives with new knowledge, new tools, new skills. In the process I help people regain their lives.

Feel stuck, want to make some changes but not sure what to change or how to do it? Give me a call or send me an email. Be happy to talk with you and make some suggestions.