Therapy for One

Feel lost in the crowd – faceless, voiceless, like no one cares, nothing will ever get better? Know something’s wrong, missing in your life, but haven’t been able to fix it?

I work with individuals, men and women, with a variety of issues – failed relationships, mental health problems, substance problems and relapses, depression, anxiety, grief, guilt and shame, sexual and sexual identity problems, and past trauma / PTSD to name a few. Many people I’ve worked with have been angry, socially withdrawn, lonely, they often want yet can’t handle connection with others.

You may be in another bad relationship or have had one or more failed relationships. No matter how hard you’ve tried, nothing really fixed the relationship problems. Trying to fix the problem(s) left you exhausted and overwhelmed.

Maybe the same patterns spill over into relationships with your kids, your parents, your siblings.  You may have no idea why this keeps happening or what to do about it. Nothing you’ve tried has worked, leaving you feeling stuck. You’re tired of picking up the pieces – for yourself and for others. 

And you’re left wondering if you’re broken, if it’s your fault, perhaps thinking, “What’s wrong with me?” And you’re feeling it all – alone and lonely again.

You don’t have to be. I can help you figure it out.

Problems like these can affect your work, your social life, sleep, appetite, your health, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. I help people to quiet and calm their minds, help them get back in touch with their bodies, learn how to deal with and express their emotions appropriately, and reconnect socially.

The Process
After your free consultation you and I will work together to get the assessment and treatment plan done in two sessions. Your treatment plan is a guide or road map we’ll use together to help you achieve the life you’re searching for.

I use at least two therapy sessions after the assessment to focus on your safety, stress management, and emotional regulation vs the problem(s) you want help with. These sessions are for your safety, learning skills that can help you in and outside of therapy.

Therapy typically runs an additional 10 sessions, sometimes less and sometimes more. If past trauma is a factor for you I’ll strongly encourage you to work on that.

Some of the things I commonly address in therapy include companionship, respect, trust, boundaries, emotional and physical intimacy, relationship needs, expectations, and assumptions, values, goals, and beliefs, as well as communication, baggage, and past trauma. I also take a look at physical health and often make recommendations here as well.

I can offer you a safe place to work through your problems. With kindness, humor, and insight, we’ll work together to discover answers to why this is happening to you and then work together on solutions.

Bottom line? I can generally help, and I’ve helped several thousand people with these kinds of problems.

Have some questions or want to schedule a free consultation? Send me an email including your availability in the coming week. I’ll respond within 24-hours with a day and time that works for both of us.