Therapy for One

Alone and lonely

Feel lost in the crowd – faceless, voiceless, like no one cares, nothing will ever get better?

Know something’s wrong, missing in your life, but haven’t been able to fix it?

Bad relationships

Maybe you’ve had one or more failed relationships, or you’re in a bad relationship right now.

No matter how hard you tried, nothing really worked. In fact, the more you tried, the more exhausted and overwhelmed you felt.

Maybe those same patterns are spilling over into relationships with your kids, your parents, or your siblings. But you have no idea why this keeps happening or what to do about it.

You feel stuck. Nothing works, and you’re left to pick up the pieces – for yourself and others.

Or perhaps you’re angry, socially withdrawn, or just lonely – perhaps you want, yet can’t handle, connection with others.


Maybe you’ve suffered from emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

Maybe you’ve succumbed to substance abuse and relapses.

You wanted to move on, to conquer or to quit, but it’s not that easy.

Trauma/PTSD and Emotional Problems

We all have baggage, often the result of past trauma. We may not even realize how much it affects us.

Trauma often goes hand in hand with an array of emotional issues such as depression, grief, anxiety, guilt, and shame.

Or perhaps you’re struggling with sexual identity.

“What’s wrong with me?”

You’re wondering if you’re broken – if it’s your fault – if there’s something wrong with you.

And you’re feeling it all – alone and lonely – again.

But you don’t have to. I can help.

What We’ll Do

We’ll address important areas including companionship, respect, trust, honesty, boundaries, and emotional and physical intimacy.

We’ll discuss your relationship needs, expectations, assumptions, values, goals, roles, and beliefs.

We’ll explore communication, baggage, and past trauma.

And we’ll examine your physical health, as well.

A Safe Haven

We can offer you a safe place to work through your problems.

With kindness, humor, and insight, we’ll work together to discover answers to why you’re experiencing problems and then work together on solutions.

Bottom line? We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, couples, and families, and we can help.

Contact us at (850) 684-3059 for your free consultation today, and let’s start the journey toward a better tomorrow.