Recovery & New Growth

Bad things happen to good people. Their goal is often to move forward and enjoy life again, despite what’s happened to them. This is recovery. Recovery is a personal and individual journey, a journey of hope, healing, transformation, and new growth, enabling a person to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice, while striving to achieve his or her full potential.

Recovery isn’t just about substance use. Recovery applies to all aspects of wellness – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, biological, sexual, psychological, and social aspects of who and what we are as people. Problems in any one area can impact all the others. Every person, in his or her own way, has the capacity to heal and recover, to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

There is an order to putting our lives back in order. All people have the ability and capacity to recover and move on with their lives. Every person has innate worth, strengths, abilities, and inner beauty, and all behavior has meaning and purpose.

We are each the sum of our lives and each of us have baggage we’ve accumulated during that time. While we may not be responsible for all the baggage we’ve accumulated, we are responsible for how we handle that baggage. We have choices and control. We can be victimized by our baggage, living reactively and in physical, emotional, and/or spiritual pain, or we can choose to learn from those experiences, and live our lives proactively.

Recovery and healing is hard work. It’s a commitment you make to and for yourself. It’s a commitment of time, finances, energy, thinking, and learning. Recovery is very much about learning about yourself and your baggage, relaxing some of your defenses and letting others come in. It’s learning to trust others and accepting yourself, baggage and all, as you are. While recovery can, at times, be scary and painful, your journey can be and often is fun.

And the result is often a renewed sense of inner peace, calmness, control, joy, meaning, and purpose in life.


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