Who I Am

My name is Ray Sizemore. I am several things at The HAVEN Place. I am the founder and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), social workers are the largest group of therapists or counselors in the US. I enjoy and focus on couples and families with an emphasis on trauma. I have extensive training and experience in a wide range of areas. I am an EMDR provider, certified provider for clinical trauma, compassion fatigue, and TRE, a qualified clinical supervisor, and a retired military (USAF) veteran. I enjoy people and I focus on people’s strengths and positives.


I opened The HAVEN Place to fill a major need. I’ve worked with couples, families, and individuals in mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, family advocacy, and domestic violence to name a few areas. In all these areas I’ve encountered hundreds of people who had been traumatized. That trauma wasn’t being addressed or treated, yet it was often an underlying cause of these people’s problems. As a result, these people didn’t recover and in many cases they actually got worse. That’s why The HAVEN Place focuses on trauma and causes instead of just symptoms.


I’ve been called a pleasure to work with, very patient, very calm, and very professional by past clients and co-workers. I enjoy life and laughing with people, and I’ve been told I have an impish sense of humor. Many of my past clients improved up to 30 points from their pre-therapy assessment in as little as seven sessions while working with me. In my career I’ve helped several thousand people regain a sense of inner calmness and peace, control, hope, joy, purpose, and meaning in their lives, and I’m confident that I can help you transform your life as well.


In my spare time I enjoy pets (currently 2 dogs, 2 cats, and two birds), family, exercise (not enough), martial arts, gardening, cooking (and eating), woodworking, playing with my lap harp and Native American flutes (thank you Terri D.), reading (too much), and, as my grandfather used to call it, “tinkering” in my garage.


This is my double-strung Celtic lap harp and two flutes. The harp was an unfinished kit and I had just as much fun putting it together as I do playing it now. I know a few tunes, but I’m decidedly not proficient. I’m even worse on the flutes, but they’re fun to play – makes our dogs go crazy.


Want to schedule a free consultation? Send me an email asking for a free consultation with your availability in the coming week. I’ll respond within 24 hours with a day and time that works for both of us.